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CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306

 Hmanthlak le Edit tuah a zum mi hna nih Mah Software hi cu nan hreh lai tiah ka zumh
i tuzan lei ah kan chiah piak hna kei Hmanthlak remh ka thiam lo i Effect e zei e ti kha ka thei lo theih na duh le download tuah law hmang chun te :)
Cyberlink company presents to the public of their new product called CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306. CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306 is used to enhance the image or photo. The developers promise that the software is aimed at photographers and photo enthusiasts can turn ordinary photos into extraordinary photos. CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306 supports RAW files from Canon and Nikon cameras and explore the vast potential of creativity that you have. Fotografer serious about their hobby do it all with CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306.

CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306 is the solution to make your photos look more professional. From time to import a photo, you will be spoiled by the new and unique features that make your work look professional. Perfect portrait and scenery transforms to your desire. I just give you the chance to try CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306 and if you like this software I recommend that you purchase CyberLink PhotoDirector 4.0.3306 and support its developer.
What's New in PhotoDirector 4?
PhotoDirector 4 delivers new and unique tools to create professional looking photos. Achieve high range imaging effect and accurately remove objects with our powerful algorithm. Our popular people beautifier now includes the body shaper for that stunning portraits. Managing and retrieving photos are effortless with new face tagging feature. Start exploring PhotoDirector and discover the new features for every step of your workflow!

NEW! HDR Effect
Turn high contrast scenes into HDR images. Stylize your visual effects with Glow and Edge adjustments to create dramatic masterpieces.

IMPROVED! Tone Adjustment
More flexibility to control tone and tinge fast and precisely. Achieve the exact look and feel you want for your photo

IMPROVED! White Balance
Regulate temperature and tint to remove unwanted color casts or create visuals to set a certain mood or artistic effects to your photos.

Level and Curve
Add punch to your photos by applying Level and Curve adjustments to the overall image or to specific areas only.

NEW! Chromatic Aberration
Correct unnecessary fringes of color along boundaries of the subjects to further bestow life and accuracy in your photos.

IMPROVED! Spot Remover
Effectively remove noticeable dust spots, blemish or discoloration in a photo with the heal and clone tools.

NEW! Body Shaper
This unique feature is the latest addition to People Beautifier Tools. It contours body figure for that even flawless look in your portraits.

NEW! Protect Brush
The Distortion tool includes a protective brush that lets you reshape only the parts you want to adjust in your portrait photos.


How To Download
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